Last Updated: 30th April 2020


To join the online class please click on the following link: enter Meeting ID: 329-541-5910 and we will start the class promptly. 

We are available for anyone who needs extra support with accessing these.


Doing our classes online will not only will it give some normality, structure and something to look forward to for students who will not be going to school and have had all other outside activity's cancelled, it will also mean we can continue rehearsals for our 5 year celebration show. We will also give extra activities and projects for any students who are looking for something creative to do and we will keep each other entertained in this very worrying time. P.s any parents who are feeling stressed or anxious please feel free to join in with your child's class as it will be a great way to enjoy your time together and clear your head for an hour or so.

The Online Class schedule is slightly different to our normal times: 


4-4.45pm (Ballet & Ballet TOTS)

4.45-5.30pm (Mini Commercial & Street TOTS)

5.30-6.15pm (Contemporary)

6.15-8.00pm (Elite)


4.30-5.15pm (Commercial)

5.15-6.00pm (Modern)

6.00-7.00pm (Acting & Stagelights)


4.30-6.00pm (Mini MT and Theatre TOTS)

6.00-7.00pm (Ballet Elite)


4.00-5.00pm (Street)

5.00-6.30pm (Musical Theatre Younger)

5.00-6.30pm (Musical Theatre Older) - OLDER GROUP PLEASE USE ID: 276-395-2183


9.00-12.00pm (Stage Academy Younger)

9.00-12.00pm (Stage Academy Older) - OLDER GROUP PLEASE USE ID: 276-395-2183

Unfortunately we are all in the same position here and we do not know how long this will affect us, therefore please check back here for any updates on the situation.

All payments and direct debits will continue as normal as these online classes are a direct replacement for our regularly scheduled classes. All classes are going to remain the same, for the same length of time, focusing on the same schedule and topics and with the same level of effort and care put in to teaching each individual child. Students will still be able to ask questions during the class and we are going to ensure that we give plenty of detail and explanations for the students to ensure they thoroughly enjoy each class as well as still benefiting and learning.

Please understand that during this incredibly difficult time we are still expected to pay our various bills and monthly costs at the studio which is why we are putting so much time and energy in to giving a replacement for the classes. Of course it would be much easier for us to close and just return to normal when everything has calmed down however we wouldn't have a business to return to. We are not a big corporate company, we are just two people trying to keep our business which we have put our heart and soul in to for the past 6 years alive. We couldn't possibly give refunds during this time nor could we cancel all payments as it would simply be the end of our business. We urge everyone to support all small business' at this time, not just ours, especially people in the arts, so many of our friends and peers who work in this industry are left jobless and we are trying to do our bit to support our local community and small business like ours so please, we encourage you to do the same.

We are more than happy to help any parents who are struggling to pay their fees due to loosing their job or temporarily having no income and we ask you reach out to us as soon as possible.

At such an unprecedented time it is important that small business' like ours are continued to be supported as many of our performing friends who work in the industry are left out of work with theatres closing shows being cancelled. We just like so many others in all different fields need as much support as we can get right now and we personally choose to look at the bright side to this situation and see it as a way of keeping students entertained and keeping performing alive and well in a very dark time for all of us. 


Our Elite production of Cats will now be postponed to 13th & 14th November.  Please note that all tickets booked will be automatically transferred to the new dates. 


Currently we will still be having our Summer Production on Sat 25th July 2020 that will feature all students from Copper Studios. 



My children attended the workshops and we couldn't believe how professional it was. They have been to other drama schools but this is just so different, fresh, young and has such a strong supporting friendship group.

Sam Parsons

Its exciting, friendly and no day is ever the same. The performances are amazing and my son has had so many fantastic opportunities that he wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. As soon as you walk through the door its such a fun family feel - Highly recommend.

Rebecca Cierech


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