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Educating. Guiding. Inspiring.

Meet Harry & Megan Hindley, the founders and creators of Copper Studios. Both Harry and Megan have studied in Performing Arts and have years of amateur and professional experience. In September 2015 Harry & Megan decided to offer a Musical Theatre class at the Nottingham Girls Academy on a Friday evening for students wanting to explore singing, acting and dance. On the first session they had 6 students arrive and after an exciting hour they couldn't wait to come back the following week. A couple of months down the line, the classes started to grow and word of mouth spread the news of these brilliant new classes.


In 2016 the couple decided to move to a larger venue and began classes at The Fernwood School in Wollaton, as well as running classes at the Kimberley Parish Hall. These classes were known under the name 'Nottingham Youth Performance Academy (NYPA)'.The musical theatre program allowed children to explore all realms of performing arts and discover what kind of entertainer they want to become. The professionalism and discipline is what made them stand out from the rest as students were learning and growing week by week which was reflected in the hit showcases and performances. By this time they were in high demand for extra classes as a flurry of students were joining. In addition to this the pair were both running workshops, private singing lessons and school activities.


In 2017 NYPA opened its West Bridgford Branch at the Wilford Church Hall. It was an incredible turn out of students and they began working on what was an outstanding showcase performed to 200+ parents at the Nottingham Arts Theatre.

Towards the end of the year Megan and Harry knew that hiring out school and church halls was no longer sufficient for the direction of their business, therefore they began the hunt for their own Studio.

In 2018 we received the keys to our Nottingham studio. The studio is purpose built for the training of young performers, the mission was to turn the old, dusty factory into a vibrant performing arts studio. Our large dance studio is the perfect space to choreograph, learn and create, while our singing studio is filled with endless pages of music for you to discover and explore.

After opening our Nottingham studio we have seen the company go boom with more students joining, a plethora of productions and full scale musicals created and performed, as well as many students having incredible opportunities such as performing and being offered jobs. 

From here on Copper Studios has grown from strength to strength. We simply can't wait to see where our story takes us next!

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